Friday, April 29, 2011

Keynote speaker: Armin Ronacher

We are very proud to announce that Armin Ronacher will be the keynote presenter at PyGrunn! Armin is a well known and respected Python developer with an impressive trackrecord. His open source projects include:

Pygments — syntax highlighter written in Python. 2005-
Jinja — template engine for Python. 2006-
Sphinx — a Python documentation tool. 2007-
Werkzeug — WSGI utility library for Python. 2007- *
Babel — collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications. 2008- *
Flask — a microframework for Python based on good intentions. 2010- *
Zine — a blog software written in Python. 2007- *
MoinMoin — wiki engine written in Python. 2008 †

See Armin's website for a complete list. We are honoured that Armin is going to share some of his valuable insights in Python and web development with us!

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